Timeline: The Evolution of FiOS TV

Remember when the Verizon brand was introduced back in the summer of 2000? For a long time my biggest association with the name came from the many pay phones plastered with the company’s big red logo. Who knew then that Verizon would go on to become a major player in TV services? The march in that direction started in 2005 when Verizon launched FiOS. Since then, the TV operator has gone on to debut whole-home DVR services (aka Home Media DVR), TV widgets, 3D broadcasts, and now new multi-screen video applications. Yesterday my good friend Dave Zatz interviewed a Verizon exec after a company press conference and teased out details on new features coming for Verizon’s whole-home DVR service. In the not-too-distant future, FiOS subscribers will be able to access recordings from multiple libraries, on multiple screens, all through one UI. As Dave puts it, “all drives add up to a single virtual storage device.”

In light of new FiOS TV milestones, I thought this would be a good time to go back and look at how the service has evolved. Here’s a timeline of Verizon FiOS TV: The First 5 Years.