Highlighting the connected path to the future at Broadcast Asia

Once upon a time, TV was analogue with a finite amount of content. Now it’s a personalized box of tricks powered by IP video, 4K content and lightning fast broadband speeds.

It’s an exciting time for in-home entertainment and connectivity, and ARRIS will be at Broadcast Asia in Singapore on 31 May to 3 June to discuss how this progression came about, the technology driving it and what it means for service providers.

TV is changing. We’re already seeing the onset of the connected entertainment revolution. But what will tomorrow’s service offerings look like and how do operators manage the transition? ARRIS’s Solutions Architect for Asia, Per-Anders Josefsson will be chairing a session in the conference to explore this (31 May @ 10.55am).  Many talk about how streaming services will eat the lunch of traditional broadcasters. What we see, however, is a converged world where the two sit side by side. IP delivery is becoming the common denominator that sends video to different types of devices, anytime, anywhere.

It’s vital then, that connectivity is a priority and not an afterthought. Home bandwidth demands will continue to increase, but the good news is that the technology to meet that need is available today. Advances in access network technology like DOCSIS 3.1® and G.fast will deliver gigabit speeds to more consumers than ever before.

At Broadcast Asia, ARRIS will showcase the technology that will accelerate the delivery of new services. On the connectivity side of things, we’ll have demonstrations of a DOCSIS 3.1 network and CPE solutions. Accompanying this will be a 1.2GHz cable plant for delivering multi-gigabit services to the home.

In our suite at the show, we’ll also showcase ARRIS’s broadband gateways and set-tops for cable, telco and satellite operators to deliver next-gen consumer experiences including 4K video over Wi-Fi. Plus, we’ll display our cloud solutions. Visitors will see how these solutions can optimize and manage the delivery of linear and stored IP video to set-tops and consumer devices.

Customers are demanding faster broadband speeds, Wi-Fi without limits and Ultra HD video. At Broadcast Asia, we’ll show how providers can invest for the future and build consumer loyalty in changing times.

The ARRIS meeting suite at Broadcast Asia is Melati 4010A, Level 4.


Revealed: #19 to Sport SURFboard® Logo This Weekend in Charlotte

Carl Edwards’ #19 car will feature special SURFboard® paint scheme in Charlotte, North Picture1-twitterCarolina, this weekend.

At this weekend’s NASCAR All-Star race in Charlotte, Carl Edwards’ #19 car will feature the ARRIS SURFboard logo, driving awareness of who we are and what we do, focusing on our SURFboard products available at retail.

It’s the perfect way to showcase our SURFboard High-speed Cable Modems and Routers that provide the fastest speeds available — and the #1 selling brand of modems.

Check out Carl’s promotional video for the new ARRIS SURFboard Home Networking devices with RipCurrent™ G.hn technology– plus video shoot outtakes with Carl and the #19 team.

We have exciting promotions planned for race fans, including Twitter giveaways, videos on ARRIS.com, and more. Plus, ARRIS will mark the Joe Gibbs Racing 25th Anniversary by showcasing our technology at JGR’s Employee Event.

This will be Edwards’ 11th All-Star race since he entered the Sprint Cup Series full-time in 2006.

Tune in, and let’s cheer Carl and his SURFboard #19 on to Victory Lane!

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Sprint All-Star Race

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte, NC (1.5-Mile Oval)
  • Carl Edwards in the No. 19 ARRIS Surfboard Toyota
  • Live Coverage of the Sprint All-Star race from Charlotte Motor Speedway will begin Saturday, May 21 at 7 PM ET on Fox Sports 1

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series – North Carolina Education Lottery 200

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte, NC (1.5-Mile Oval)
  • Daniel Suarez in the No. 51 ARRIS Tundra with KBM
  • Live Coverage of the race from Charlotte Motor Speedway will begin Friday, May 20 at 8 PM ET on Fox Sports 1 (race starts at 8:30 PM ET)


Day 1: ARRIS @ INTX Show 2016

Hello from INTX in Boston! It’s just Day 1, and the ARRIS booth has already become the center of some exciting conversations around the future of Gigabit broadband, DOCSIS® 3.1, 4K TV, and IoT. Throughout the show, our experts are also leading discussions on hot industry topics from Remote PHY to big data and analytics.

We have some exciting demos on tap too, including a preview of our new DOCSIS 3.1 devices, Gigabit virtual reality experiences, and more…

Follow our blog and Twitter for more info and stop by our booth (#1214) to check out the latest entertainment and broadband technologies making their way to the world’s leading service providers. And in case you weren’t able to make it this year, check out a few pics below.

An Analytics Approach to Making Video Bandwidth and Quality of Experience Decisions


Sean McCarthy, Ph.D.
Fellow at ARRIS

Managing video quality and bandwidth efficiency has always been critical in our industry. Operators are constantly striving to deliver top-notch viewing experiences to subscribers with optimal use of bandwidth. With television becoming more complex and the number of formats, displays, distribution protocols, and access technologies proliferating, operators are increasingly finding it difficult to measure their video-quality performance targets accurately using traditional methods.

At this year’s INTX, I will propose an analytics approach to help operators make bandwidth and quality of experience (QoE) decisions to meet their targets. I will be presenting a new way of describing video-quality and bandwidth efficiency in terms of statistical probabilities that can be applied to any video distribution method, including ABR, CBR, and statmux for any format. This new approach can help operators address some key performance questions, such as: What is the probability that video quality drops below any given level? Which operational parameters could be changed to improve overall video quality and efficiency? How would introduction of a new service impact existing services?

To learn more, join my session: “The End of Guesswork: Big Data Analytics and Implications for Content Delivery” at INTX, on Wednesday, May 18 at 8:00 a.m. ET.

How ARRIS Delivers the Bandwidth for Tomorrow’s Services

ARRIS works with the world’s leading service providers to meet subscriber demand for new entertainment services and deliver the technology that power them. We’re offering a glimpse of those technologies and services at INTX (May 16-18th, booth #1214)—demonstrating virtual reality and multichannel TV.

Powering both of these demos will be ARRIS DOCSIS® 3.1 product solutions designed for multi-gigabit speeds. The SURFboard® SB8200, E6000® Converged Edge and xPON technologies are centerpieces of ARRIS’s vision for multi-gigabit networking.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big video development. But it poses a tremendous challenge to bandwidth availability, often demanding hundreds of Mbps. Our VR demo takes you to the NASCAR track and inside the ARRIS Racing team garage, with three, separate screens showing videos being downloaded and viewed simultaneously. Not only is the VR application large, but each video also needs to be downloaded prior to playback for the application to work. The demo showcases how ARRIS enables the network to deliver a consumer-ready VR experience in under a minute—performing multi-gigabit, high-speed data transfers across networks.

Multichannel TV Services

The shift to IP video streaming and UHD TV screens opens up a new world of entertainment. Today’s HD TV channels demand approximately 6-12 Mbps of data. Running six of these into a single video device on a TV requires anywhere from 36-72 Mbps, and UHD streams require even more. The ARRIS IP video demonstration at INTX will showcase how our networking technology delivers six, simultaneous HD video streams on a single UHD screen—with one primary channel and five other channels in smaller windows playing.

Speed Demos

Beside each demo, you will see large “speedometers” showing:

  • The lightning-quick Gigabit downloads of the app and videos for the VR experience
  • The size of the data stream consumed for six streamed HD IP video channels

Speaking of speed, ARRIS Racing driver Daniel Suárez will drop by the booth between 3:30-5:00pm ET on May 17th participating in a VR tour and signing autographs.

And be sure to catch Charles Cheevers, ARRIS CTO of Customer Premises Equipment, as he speaks on “Bandwidth Requirements in the Next 5 Years: A Virtual Reality Check” at 10:45 a.m. ET on May 17th at INTX.

Demonstrating Gigabit Speeds to the Home at INTX

Picture22At INTX, ARRIS is showcasing new additions and extensions to our flagship E6000® Converged Edge Router (CER), the industry’s most widely deployed CCAP™ platform. These enhancements—including a new 10G EPON Fiber Module, Router Switch Module 2 (RSM-2) and UCAM-2 module—will help our service provider customers scale to tomorrow’s even higher bandwidth services by preparing their networks for DOCSIS® 3.1 migration and multi-gigabit speeds of the future.

We’ll demonstrate the updated capabilities of our E6000 CER, including:

  • The new multi-gigabit services and greater capacity that operators can deliver with the 10G EPON Fiber Module and the Router System Module 2 (RSM-2)
    • The high-density 10G EPON solution will be shown live for the first time, demonstrating multi-gigabit symmetrical service delivery with the E6000 chassis
    • Also shown for the first time is the RSM-2, which substantially increases the E6000 network-side interface capacity and its packet forwarding capacity, preparing the E6000 platform for future bandwidth growth
  • The super-fast upstream speeds enabled by the DOCSIS 3.1 capable UCAM-2
    • The UCAM-2 provides significant increases in both DOCSIS 3.0 upstream channel capacity per service group and the ability to support DOCSIS 3.1 in the upstream
  • The doubling of downstream DOCSIS 3.1 support with the current, first-generation DCAM via a software-only upgrade.
  • Convergence of video into the platform with traditional MPEG digital video and IP video
    • Realizing the goal of converging video and data into the CCAP

We will also have a static display of our planned Remote PHY (R-PHY) solution, which will further extend the capabilities of the E6000 CER.

Stop by our booth (#1214) to see our expanded downstream offerings for DOCSIS 3.1 as well as our new advancements to support it in the upstream.

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