ARRIS Service Assurance: Keeping CALA Running Smoothly


It’s no secret that the popularity of multiscreen is a worldwide phenomenon. According to our newly published Consumer Entertainment Index (CEI) , 81 percent of Latin American consumers using an online subscription or streaming service did so at least once a week.

But that’s often where issues begin for both consumers and service providers, because more devices streaming more media in the more places in the home means more potential for wireless issues. In fact, this year’s CEI found that these kinds of problems affect 85 percent of Latin American consumers.

We caught up with ARRIS’s VP of Regional Sales, Miguel Cruz, in Mexico, for a local angle on our suite of Assurance Solutions. Check out the video above.

ARRIS ServAssure @ Imagine Park

Each year, Imagine Park gives Cable Show attendees a look at what the conference organizers believe ChannelOverlap - DualBandexemplifies the future of broadband and TV innovation.

While you’re there, be sure to check out ARRIS ServAssure™ Wi-Fi Solutions. They ensure that the future of consumer Wi-Fi is as fast, simple and reliable as it can be, and that delivering on that promise is as efficient as possible for operators, increasing service satisfaction and minimizing truck rolls.

Today, consumers are streaming video, gaming, browsing through apps on their smartphone, or multitasking a number of connected devices throughout the home. It’s a big trend that’s only getting bigger. And Wi-Fi is the glue that holds it all together… but it’s not always perfect.

This is where our ServAssure Wi-Fi Solutions come into play.

We’ll demonstrate our new Wi-Fi tool at Imagine Park, showing how it helps operators: Identify the best location in the home for Wi-Fi gateway placement

  • Optimize the gateway’s performance
  • Provide an audit trail
  • Yield management reports
  • And create a method of ongoing support

Drop by at Booth #1837 to see the future of Wi-Fi assurance!

ServAssure™ Wi-Fi: Now Available for Prime Time

Service providers, rejoice. Customer service just got a lot easier…

Starting today, ServeAssure™ Wi-Fi Solutions is available to ARRIS customers around the world. The browser-based application provides automated and assisted home network monitoring, diagnosis, and troubleshooting—allowing technicians to resolve Wi-Fi issues in the complex connected home environment, quickly and efficiently.

That’s good news for providers, who are navigating an ecosystem of more than 500M connected devices in just the US alone. That’s nearly 6 devices per household, according to last year’s report from NPD. And the number continues to grow…

Our suite of integrated Assurance solutions provide a unified view into the end user’s network—combining visibility from the tech, CSR, and subscriber perspectives—to guide service installment and provide ongoing network management across this growing network of devices.  

ServAssure WiFi Solutions addresses the underlying issues behind providers’ most common customer complaints, including decreased download/upload speeds, channel interference, security settings, and more. By providing proactive support for these issues, the application lowers demand on call center and field service resources and keeps subscribers happy.  

ARRIS ServAssure Wi-Fi Solutions complement the ARRIS ServAssure Edge Visibility and ARRIS ServAssure Performance Management solutions. Each is available as a separate application in the ARRIS Assurance portfolio, but can be integrated for a full-service approach to field service management.

Check us out the Cable Show’s Imagine Park (Booth #1837), Wednesday @ 4:10 pm PT.

Five Questions with…Bryant Isaacs

ARRIS CEO Bob Stanzione recently spoke with BBC News and attributed the company’s success to the talented people across the globe. Starting today, we will highlight the great minds behind our company and those driving transformation in the industry.

Bryant Isaacs photoFirst up –Bryant Isaacs, President, Assurance Solutions at ARRIS. CableFAX recently named him one of cable’s most influential minority executives. We caught up with Bryant recently at SCTE after winning this prestigious award and asked him a few questions.Take a look below.

What does winning this award mean to you?

It signifies recognition of minorities’ presence and efforts in the cable technology arena. I am humbled and elated to be in such fine company and to be chosen to represent the African American minority community and ARRIS in this manner is gratifying.

Innovation is a word used fairly often in our industry. How would you define it? Better yet, what’s one of your favorite moments that could be defined by this word?

I like to think of it simply as “change with progress.” Innovation is found wherever a positive change is made that moves the organization forward. It can be a technology breakthrough or a process improvement that improves the experience of the customer (internal or external to the company). It can be an idea that sparks an eventual change in a product or application or process.

One of the more profound moments in my career took place before I joined ARRIS. It was an idea for outdoor WiFi that eventually spread across the planet to become known in popular jargon today as “hotspots.” This idea was seeded in Bell Laboratories, and I was fortunate to be a part of the team involved in early WiFi development.

What should the industry do to hire and inspire more minorities – especially in the areas of software?

It’s important for minorities to see other minorities in positions they would aspire to. CableFAX’s Influential Minorities initiative is one step along the way to featuring prominent minorities in our industry. This industry is one that is welcoming and supportive of minorities – especially in areas like software. It’s incumbent on all of us to do our best to find and hire our next leaders in the software arena!

As a 13-year veteran at ARRIS, you’ve seen quite a bit of growth here. What excites you the most about the next 3-5 years for this company?

The “new” ARRIS is poised to become a powerhouse that powers the cable and telecommunications industry. We have talented people, great technology, global scale, and innovative minds throughout the company. We need to execute and live up to that promise. It is one of the most exciting times to be part of ARRIS.

What was one of the best pieces of career advice given to you?

You can learn something from everyone, your employees, peers, manager, customers, and business associates. Be open to listening and work hard to change and embrace change for the better.

How about a bonus question? What’s a recent business accomplishment you’re excited about here at ARRIS?

I’m pleased with how quickly ARRIS was able to get newly combined team members focused on our most promising opportunities. In our Assurance Solutions Business, we’ve been able to maintain momentum in the marketplace and keep our focus solely on the customer. Our unveiling of ServAssure Wi-Fi Solutions and WorkAssure Mobile at SCTE have me really excited about how much we can help our customers with critical needs right now. It’s a great time to be part of ARRIS.