Merchandiser Wins TV Connect Award for Best IPTV & OTT Service Delivery Platform

Last night, at the TV Connect Awards in London, our Merchandiser platform won “Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV and OTT.”

A well-deserved victory. Merchandiser is the content marketing component of our E2E multiscreen solution, and it’s enables  global service providers to go beyond simply enabling TV Connectmultiscreen to actually monetizing it through content personalization, catalog marketing, and recommendations.

To provide some context for the win, the TV Connect Industry Awards is seen to be one of the largest events in the Connected Entertainment industry calendar. The evening consists of a world-class panel of representatives from major service providers and senior executives coming together to pick winners and “Celebrate Innovation, excellence and achievement” in the global IP, TV and connected entertainment markets.

For ARRIS, it was an honor to be recognized for our ongoing legacy of innovation. Now we are back in the office… busy inventing the future.

Congratulations to all the winners!

ARRIS Takes Home CableFAX Digital & Tech Award

We’re happy to share some exciting news! The ARRIS Media Streamer 4000 was awarded the 2014 CableFAX Digital & Tech Award in the “Connected TV/Smart TV Solution” category. 22494_CableFAX_Tech_Awards_Logo

According to CableFAX the awards recognize products that are “driving the digital media revolution” and “took chances, made incredible strides and understand the power of innovation.”

We have to agree. Our MS4000 Media Streamer is transforming video delivery to match consumer demand for anytime, anywhere, any-device experiences. It’s powered by Sling technology and lets our customers bring place-shifting features to our Whole Home Solution with MOXI entertainment platform.

Award winners were asked two questions about technology:

1.) What is the one question you must ask before making a technology decision?

2.) What is the one technology that will most change the game in the next year?

Jeanne CableFAX Tech AwardsThe answer to the first embodies ARRIS’s core values. We ask: “How will this technology benefit consumers and advance our industry?” Last year, we invested more than $500M in R&D creating the technology to transform tomorrow’s entertainment experiences—but when we make decisions to implement that technology, we always ask how it will serve consumers and our industry.

This plays into the second question about technology game changers. We’re betting on HEVC, a powerful new compression technology that improves mobile and HD video, enables UltraHD, and facilitates its delivery over Wi-Fi—improving the overall consumer viewing experience.

It’s our commitment to investing in new technology and implementing it in ways that progress the entertainment experience that earned our MS4000 Media Streamer an award and made ARRIS a finalist in four other categories: “Cloud Solution,” “Green Technology,” “New Product Award” and “Residential Equipment.”

Awards were announced in a ceremony held earlier this week at the Yale Club in New York City.

Congratulations, team! Read more about the CableFAX Digital & Tech Awards here.

Sandy Howe Wins WICT Carolinas’ Highest Honor

Sandy Howe, SVP of Global Marketing, took home the WICT Carolinas 2014 Carol A. Hevey Leadership Award – the highest honor in its Red Circle Awards.


Sandy Howe, SVP of Global Marketing,

The award recognizes visionaries who are distinguished in both leadership and advocacy, with indelible contributions to the evolution of the cable telecommunications industry. The awards committee selected Sandy as an industry pioneer whose leadership demonstrates a fundamental commitment to others through mentorship, career development, and advocacy for excellence in service to ARRIS and the community.

Sandy is ARRIS’s first recipient of the Carol A. Heavey Leadership Award.

At ARRIS, she leads the global marketing, communications and strategic marketing development with a team of more than 40 professionals around the globe. She’s also a leading member of the Society of Cable and Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), as well as a member of the National Board of Directors of Women in Cable Technology.

A well-deserved honor. Congratulations, Sandy!

Cable Congress countdown: 5 Questions with…. Cornel Ciocirlan

It’s Cable Congress week and also the week that The Euro50 award winners will be announced – we’ve got our fingers crossed for our EMEA CTO, Cornel Ciocirlan who has been nominated in the Technology Leader category. The Euro50 celebrates those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and vision in their fields and made a significant contribution to the strength of their organisation or the industry itself.


Cornel Ciocirlan, CTO, EMEA, ARRIS

Being shortlisted in the Euro 50 is a great achievement, congratulations. Can you give another example of one of your greatest achievements?

I am most proud of having contributed to the success of DOCSIS® and PacketCable™ over the last 10 years in the European cable industry. In terms of my role at ARRIS so far, my greatest achievement has been helping to make the E6000 the best CCAP platform on the market for European cable operators.

Europe is an exciting market for ARRIS – what’s happening right now that’s keeping  you busy?

Service providers across the board are working to maintain high speed leadership. On the cable side, operators are deploying CCAP and are focused on DOCSIS 3.1 readiness, while telcos are aggressively investing in network upgrades to sustain ultra broadband (500Mbit+) services.

In a world of ubiquitous ultra broadband availability, user experience is fast-becoming the key differentiator – and providers are not only facing their traditional competitors, but also competition from the consumer electronics industry and over-the-top (OTT) content delivery services. The abilities to access content anywhere – with a simple and consistent UI – and to discover content and interact with content are crucial building blocks for a great user experience.

What are the top 3 technology developments that you’re working on right now at ARRIS?

  • The introduction of DOCSIS 3.1 in the next 1-2 years
  • The evolution towards open, flexible software frameworks that service providers can build their own differentiated UX on top of – RDK is one example that is gaining traction quickly
  • The impact of software-defined networks (SDN) and cloud technologies into the access network, along with the service delivery infrastructure

Innovation is a word used fairly often in our industry. How would you define it?

In my eyes, innovation means finding a new way to connect the dots that makes people’s life simpler and easier.

What’s the best piece of career advise you’ve been given?

If you don’t like what you’re doing, stop doing it!

ARRIS Experts Accept Technology & Engineering Emmy® for MPEG-2 Transport Stream

Our tradition of award wins got off to an early start this year with an Emmy® at CES. Our own Paul Moroney, SVP of Advanced Research and Development, and Sam Narasimhan, distinguished member of the technical staff, along with four other members of the original standards team, accepted a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award on behalf of the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) for the MPEG-2 Transport Stream.

Paul and Sam were part of the team that created the Transport Stream, which has been instrumental in shaping today’s systems for the transmission, storage, and retrieval of audio, video, and metadata. In fact, all digital TV signals and equipment use this standard for compression. iSuppli estimates that nearly 630 million related devices are shipped each year.

The Technology & Engineering Emmys® are one of the highest honors that can be conferred for innovation in broadcast technology, and this marks the 15th award for ARRIS. Accolades like these are a glowing endorsement of our people’s contributions to the future of our industry. Congratulations to the entire MPEG team on this outstanding achievement!

Five Questions with…Bryant Isaacs

ARRIS CEO Bob Stanzione recently spoke with BBC News and attributed the company’s success to the talented people across the globe. Starting today, we will highlight the great minds behind our company and those driving transformation in the industry.

Bryant Isaacs photoFirst up –Bryant Isaacs, President, Assurance Solutions at ARRIS. CableFAX recently named him one of cable’s most influential minority executives. We caught up with Bryant recently at SCTE after winning this prestigious award and asked him a few questions.Take a look below.

What does winning this award mean to you?

It signifies recognition of minorities’ presence and efforts in the cable technology arena. I am humbled and elated to be in such fine company and to be chosen to represent the African American minority community and ARRIS in this manner is gratifying.

Innovation is a word used fairly often in our industry. How would you define it? Better yet, what’s one of your favorite moments that could be defined by this word?

I like to think of it simply as “change with progress.” Innovation is found wherever a positive change is made that moves the organization forward. It can be a technology breakthrough or a process improvement that improves the experience of the customer (internal or external to the company). It can be an idea that sparks an eventual change in a product or application or process.

One of the more profound moments in my career took place before I joined ARRIS. It was an idea for outdoor WiFi that eventually spread across the planet to become known in popular jargon today as “hotspots.” This idea was seeded in Bell Laboratories, and I was fortunate to be a part of the team involved in early WiFi development.

What should the industry do to hire and inspire more minorities – especially in the areas of software?

It’s important for minorities to see other minorities in positions they would aspire to. CableFAX’s Influential Minorities initiative is one step along the way to featuring prominent minorities in our industry. This industry is one that is welcoming and supportive of minorities – especially in areas like software. It’s incumbent on all of us to do our best to find and hire our next leaders in the software arena!

As a 13-year veteran at ARRIS, you’ve seen quite a bit of growth here. What excites you the most about the next 3-5 years for this company?

The “new” ARRIS is poised to become a powerhouse that powers the cable and telecommunications industry. We have talented people, great technology, global scale, and innovative minds throughout the company. We need to execute and live up to that promise. It is one of the most exciting times to be part of ARRIS.

What was one of the best pieces of career advice given to you?

You can learn something from everyone, your employees, peers, manager, customers, and business associates. Be open to listening and work hard to change and embrace change for the better.

How about a bonus question? What’s a recent business accomplishment you’re excited about here at ARRIS?

I’m pleased with how quickly ARRIS was able to get newly combined team members focused on our most promising opportunities. In our Assurance Solutions Business, we’ve been able to maintain momentum in the marketplace and keep our focus solely on the customer. Our unveiling of ServAssure Wi-Fi Solutions and WorkAssure Mobile at SCTE have me really excited about how much we can help our customers with critical needs right now. It’s a great time to be part of ARRIS.

Sandy Howe Discusses Today’s Opportunities for Women in Tech

According to the 2013 NAMIC AIM and WICT PAR Cable Telecommunications Industry Workforce Diversity Survey, the proportion of full-time female employees in Cable is lower than it was 10 years ago. Since 2003, the industry has seen a 5% decline, dropping from 39% to 34%, which is below the national benchmark….

At the same time, there are so many opportunities for women not only in our industry but across the entire technology landscape. In fact, our own Sandy Howe, who now leads Marketing and Communications for ARRIS, along with Market Development, was recently part of an esteemed panel of industry leaders offering advice for women in tech.

We were able to catch up with Sandy @SCTE and ask about these opportunities, including her thoughts on how to take advantage of them. See below for the video.


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