ARRIS E6000 Enables Smarter, Faster Networks in South Korea

E6000_360__1As you know by now, more content on more devices means increased bandwidth, infrastructure and efficiency needs…and this trend only goes up and to the right from here. Today, South Korea’s SK Broadband  is added to an impressive roster of service providers (Comcast, Time Warner Cable, WOW!, GCI)  deploying our E6000 Converged Edge Router addressing SKnetwork bandwidth demands. SK Broadband is launching a 1GB data service and chose the E6000 platform as a solution to deliver higher speeds, while keeping cost and space requirements low.

Check out a recent demonstration of the E6000’s downstream capability (64 channels per port), DOCSIS and video capabilities and hitless failover performance from SCTE.

One Million E6000 Subscribers Ready for Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Demands

More than half of what we stream over the Internet is video, according to Sandvine and traffic consumption in all regions continues to grow at a rapid rate.

With this amazing growth in video consumption over the Internet, it’s no surprise that service E6000_360__1providers are looking for new ways to expand capacity of their broadband network in ways that are both economical and seamless. That’s why we introduced our E6000 Converged Edge Router platform last year. It uses an incredibly efficient architecture and an integrated, hitless sparing design to keep providers ahead of today’s IP consumption trends, while ensuring a reliable and scalable solution for future services and network demands.

Since the E6000’s introduction in June of 2013, Comcast, Time Warner, WOW!,  GCI and others have demonstrated why it is the leading CCAP capable platform in the industry—using it to deliver high-quality content to over a million subscribers.  This rapid success speaks to the demand and stability of the E6000.

Todd Kessler, our VP of CMTS/CER Product Management, recently demonstrated the E6000’s impressive downstream hardware capability (64 channels per port), DOCSIS and video capabilities, and hitless failover performance at SCTE.

The proof is in the numbers: one million reasons and counting…