The 364 Days Behind Earth Day

On April 22nd, we take the opportunity to reflect on what we do for the Earth the other 364 days earth-dayof the year.

We call our approach to energy efficiency “conservation through innovation.” It represents our constant pursuit of better consumer entertainment experiences with a minimal impact on our natural resources. In the past year, we’ve taken major strides to improve energy efficiency in our own organization and with our partners throughout the world.

In December, we announced that we joined the U.S. Department of Energy, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), and multiple industry associations and energy advocates to reduce set-top energy consumption up to 45 percent by 2017, to the tune of $1 billion in annual energy savings for U.S. consumers.

Earlier this month, we collaborated with Verizon to launch its new FiOS Quantum TV experience, based on the ARRIS VMS1100 media server and IPC1100 video client. The combo achieves a 20% reduction in energy consumption compared with other configurations.

Today, ARRIS is a leader in ENERGY STAR 3.0 qualified set-tops, with 19 in our current lineup. And, we’re working to ensure that our new devices meet the EPA’s latest guidelines for the ENERGY STAR Version 4.1 specification.

These are just a few of the ways that we’re improving energy efficiency throughout the year as we collaborate with world’s leading service providers to bring the next stage of innovation and conservation to their millions of subscribers.

Motley Fool: ARRIS to Dominate IPTV Revolution


Motley Fool is betting on ARRIS coming out ahead in the industry’s shift to IP Video.

In Motley Fool’s Friday investment commentary, Adam Levy made a compelling case (if we don’t say so ourselves) for ARRIS’s unique position to capitalize on the sea change in video delivery:

  1. The IPTV revolution is coming
  2. ARRIS will dominate the competition
  3. The revolution will be televised (quite literally)

The article reviewed recent moves from the industry’s leading service providers, indicating the building momentum—and perhaps inevitability—of Internet-delivered video content.

It highlighted ARRIS’s 2013 acquisition of Motorola Home, existing relationships with the largest pay-TV providers, incumbency in the networking and data delivery space, and specialty in video delivery—calling us “positioned perfectly for the move to IPTV.”

We couldn’t have said it better. ARRIS has invested years of work into the technology that powers these transformative advancements. It’s led to our unique position the industry-wide migration to IP video delivery—whether its through our network and cloud solutions or our leading gateway portfolio, which is giving our customers a full range of options for meeting tomorrow’s IP Video challenges.

And while the industry catches on in IP Video, you can bet that we’re busy inventing the future… whether it’s advancing home content delivery, monetizing multiscreen, delivering UltraHD, or conserving energy.

Conservation through Innovation — Saving Energy, One Set-top at a Time

When it comes to energy efficiency, less is more.

And when it comes to set-top devices at ARRIS, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between an evolution in entertainment and a revolution in energy efficiency.

“Conservation through innovation” is part of our global strategy for transforming communications and entertainment. And that charter has resulted in a 50% reduction in ARRIS set-top energy consumption since 2005.

Today’s ARRIS set-tops aren’t just doing more to deliver multiscreen, personalized content, and HD streaming experiences—they’re also using far less energy. And it doesn’t stop there…

Today, we announced that we’ve joined with the U.S. Energy Department, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and other industry associations and energy advocate in a voluntary agreement to further reduce the energy usage of set-top devices.

That will equate to approximately $1 billion in annual energy savings for US consumers.

It’s our gift to you this holiday season, and part of our legacy here at ARRIS. Years ago, we developed guidelines for set-top energy efficiency with the EPA, and today ARRIS is the leader in Energy Star 3.0 qualified set-tops, with 19 in our current line-up.

What’s next? As we usher in the new IP architecture for delivering content in the home, our gateway devices will consolidate much of the heavy lifting done by today’s set-top. This single hub for distributing content will cut down on the need to have a box for every screen—which means that getting your media, your way will cost fewer watts, and that’s great for TV viewers, homeowners, and just about everyone on the planet.

Happy holidays from ARRIS.

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