Beachglow Charity Event Supporting the American Red Cross

This Saturday, we’re sponsoring the Beachglow Music Festival, benefiting the American Red Cross.

Beachglow was started a few years ago by a then 16-year old DJ, Dan Kunkel, and was built entirely on volunteer service, and has since grown into a premier concert series featuring internationally recognized artists and performers.

Buy your tickets early, join the 5,000+ expected attendees at this year’s event, and help ARRIS raise money for a great cause on July 5th from 3-11p.m. in Wildwood, NJ! Check out the promo video above.

ARRIS in Acapulco – Canitec Conference

Thousands of industry professionals descended to Acapulco, Mexico, for this week’s Canitec Expo, the country’s largest pay-TV event. The expo marked the latest stop in ARRIS’s journey of constant innovation.

This time, the focus was on the evolution of TV, with demonstrations centered on the content delivery chain. We highlighted how our portfolio extends from end to end, from simplifying content streaming and multiscreen operations in the home to powering smarter networks and delivering tomorrow’s TV experiences.

If you missed the conference or couldn’t drop by our booth at the show, be sure to check out photos some photos below.

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ARRIS Service Assurance: Keeping CALA Running Smoothly


It’s no secret that the popularity of multiscreen is a worldwide phenomenon. According to our newly published Consumer Entertainment Index (CEI) , 81 percent of Latin American consumers using an online subscription or streaming service did so at least once a week.

But that’s often where issues begin for both consumers and service providers, because more devices streaming more media in the more places in the home means more potential for wireless issues. In fact, this year’s CEI found that these kinds of problems affect 85 percent of Latin American consumers.

We caught up with ARRIS’s VP of Regional Sales, Miguel Cruz, in Mexico, for a local angle on our suite of Assurance Solutions. Check out the video above.

ARRIS Speakers Demonstrate Technical Thought leadership at ANGA

Walking the floor at ANGA, you don’t see any programmers: this conference is all about the technology. This year, four ARRIS speakers drove that conversation on a variety of subjects, from CCAP to Wi-Fi…

Engineering Fellow John Ulm led off, joining a heavyweight panel, including Jorge Salinger of Comcast, in a wide-ranging examination of Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) spec and upcoming potential offshoots from the original spec. Introduced by moderator Daniel Howard, CTO of the SCTE, as ‘the father of the DOCSIS MAC protocol’, Ulm laid out the current state of CCAP and then progressed to the pros and cons of its potential offspring: Remote PHY and Remote CCAP. Service providers will have several options to ensure the continued reliability and increased capacity of their networks, options which are dependent on deployment timing, headend space and powering constraints, new generations of silicon, and individual network architectures.

On Day Two, ARRIS CTO of CPE Charles Cheevers addressed the increasingly critical subject of Wi-Fi optimization. Consumers continue to experience a gap between advertised speeds and the actual experience, especially within the home. There, issues of building construction, user overlap (especially within MDUs), and contention between a competing and constantly increasing number of devices are impacting real-world results.

Cheevers proposed the concept of deterministic Wi-Fi delivery, prioritizing usage and implementing a remote resource management system to create a self-organized network within the home Wi-Fi domain to improve the customer experience.  Finally, he previewed the anticipated 802.11 AX, a next-generation Wi-Fi spec that seeks to deliver a 4X improvement in efficiency. It will be a welcome release, coming in at a time when 4k television will be widely-adopted, requiring bitrates between 15Mbs-30Mbs, and 8k will be waiting in the wings, with bitrate needs from 30Mbs-60Mbs.

Cornel speaking


Day Three featured Cornel Ciocirlan, ARRIS Regional Chief Technologist, speaking on the Conference’s Connected Home Summit. Panelists discussed global device proliferation (8-10 per user in Western Europe), smart/connected home technology, security concerns, and the need to educate consumers on the cost-value equation.

By 2020 there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet, necessitating a commensurate network infrastructure.  Ciocirlan pointed out that the “killer app” driving broadband growth currently is video content consumption, and that the industry needs to develop a killer app for the connected life: machine-to-machine interaction will not drive broadband growth.  As service providers become software companies, they will need to better understand how the Internet of Things will affect the consumer.

Rounding out Day Three, ARRIS Sr. Director of Marketing, Duncan Potter, presented a paper on Dynamic ABR Format Repackaging to optimize network infrastructure. With the increasing number of devices able to consume video expected to reach 7 Billion by 2017, the impact of multiscreen on operator video infrastructure costs has far outstripped the ability of caching to reduce the cost of that video distribution.  Potter referenced a case study conducted with a major US service provider to mitigate the costs of storage, packaging, and backhaul by using dynamic repackaging from a single format such as Apple HLS to whatever the client requires, at various points in the network.

Some food for thought as we close out ANGA. Check back for more from Canitec and beyond.

ARRIS DCX525e Set-Top – A Feature-Rich, High-Definition User Experience


This week at Canitec, ARRIS will debut the latest all-digital, high-definition (HD) set-top. The new DCX525e brings the latest digital technology to the home environment and provides a flexible and future oriented entertainment platform.

We developed the DCX525e to specially meet the needs of consumers in the Caribbean and Latin America. The set-top is very efficient at using limited bandwidth to deliver high-definition programming and advanced, high-bandwidth applications.

The ARRIS DCX525e is twice as fast as earlier models in its class, contains five times more memory, and features embedded security—all at an extremely competitive price point. Moreover, the software-programmable DCX525e is designed with the future in mind, featuring an IP-ready platform for tomorrow’s services.

We caught up with ARRIS’s VP of Regional Sales, Miguel Cruz, in Mexico, for a local angle on the advantages of the DCX525e for Latin American service providers. Check out the video above.

Cheevers Talks Home Infotainment and the Future of Wireless Tech

Charles Cheevers, CTO, Customer Premises Equipment

Charles Cheevers, CTO, Customer Premises Equipment

This week, thousands headed to San Francisco for the annual Parks Associates Connections Summit. Attendees discussed everything from new business models and industry challenges to technological trends and the latest R&D.

Our very own Charles Cheevers, CTO of CPE at ARRIS, presented on the evolution of device technology and the ever-changing network landscape of home infotainment. Cheevers provided insights  into current home device usage analytics — as well as emergent trends and technologies that will quickly become the norm among consumers in the next three to five years.

In a recent interview with Parks Associates, Cheevers noted that Wi-Fi™ technology and wireless connectivity throughout the home present the biggest challenge and opportunity for ARRIS. Consumers enjoy the freedom that wireless connectivity brings and expect their devices to utilize the full bandwidth of their in-home Internet…not just a fraction of it. However, now that consumers have access to speeds as fast as 100MBs (and moving to GBs in the future), they will expect their devices to operate using the maximum bandwidth available. Meeting this demand presents a significant challenge for service providers, as well as solution providers like ARRIS; it spans not only good hardware designs but now software solutions to maximize the airtime.

ARRIS is working diligently to overcome the challenges that come with increased home bandwidth and wireless devices, so stay tuned for updates following the Connections Conference.

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