SCTE is an experience. If you didn’t make it to the show, or if you’d like to relive some of the excitement, we invite you to watch our recap video and see it through the eyes of our employees…

We looked at innovation from the perspective of our E6000™ platform, new IP set-tops and broadband and telephony devices, AgileMax™ and the death of OBI, and tomorrow’s experiences, like 4K and Wi-Fi evolution.

Then we sat down with several of our employees to chat about other important subjects, like the future of cable, the coolest stuff at the show, and the practical benefits of nDVR super powers.

We hope you enjoy it!

Part 2: ARRIS Moms – Inspiring the Future

A few ARRIS moms featured in an interview below

A few ARRIS moms featured in an interview below


As part of our Mother’s Day celebration, we interviewed employees from around the world to give us a global perspective on what it means to be a working mom at ARRIS.

In this second half, we find out what advice inspired them along the way, and glean some words of wisdom for co-workers, friends, and the next generation…



What advice do you give your co-workers that could also benefit your children (and vice-versa)?

  • Leslie Miles: “Take a step back to make sure you are clear on what outcome you really want… then figure out how to get there.” When my boys get older, I think this will be a helpful skill for them to have —not letting emotion get in the way of the desired result. 
  • Marina Ektova: “Try to learn something new every day.”
  • Nandini CS: “Have passion in what you do, work with honesty & commitment, do not hesitate to bring up your opinions, respect everyone & every job. Then, success will be waiting for you!
  • Hanna Ahlberg: “Try to do things not at the very last moment but a bit in advance. If the document deadline for a milestone is Monday, have it ready for review by EOB Friday. If homework is due Friday, do it Wednesday evening.”

 What’s the best advice you ever received from your mom and/or mentor?

  • Olga Korolyova: My mom has always taught me to “value what you have now and keep it.”
  • Leslie Miles: When I was younger, and had days (or weeks) when things weren’t going my way, my mom would often tell me “this too shall pass.” That has really stuck with me for my entire life and career, and has enabled me to keep situations — both personal and work-related — in perspective.
  • Marina Ektova: My mom always said: “There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out.”
  • Sweta Gupta: As my mom says, “Whatever you do, just do it well!”… Though she does also say “Just wait until your kid grows up, then you’ll understand”
  • Andrea Baker: Never assume others see the world the way you do – stop, look, listen and think……
  • Melanie Broxis: If you make a mistake be honest and true to yourself, admit it, correct it and move on!

Happy Mother’s Day to all who set an example for their children, colleagues, and friends. You are, in so many ways, inventing the future, every day.

Cable Pioneer Profile: Zenita Henderson

Today, we’re celebrating the achievements of a key member of our team: Zenita Henderson.

Zenita (aka “Z”)  is the newest inductee to the Cable TV Pioneers, an elite group of industry veterans that the Cable Center recognizes for its “meaningful contributions to building the industry.”

That’s just one of the ways we describe Zenita. Her sense of humor and charisma inspires employees, partners, and public audiences alike. And over the course of her 25 years of service to the industry, she’s not only personally contributed to the evolution of cable, but has introduced hundreds of people to its opportunities and possibilities through foundation and charity work.

We caught up with Zenita to hear how cable has changed in the past quarter century, what landed her in the cable pioneers class of 2014, and how she’s working to pioneer its future…

For Zenita, a career in cable began by accident with a summer job at a cable distribution company that brought her into a full-time position at Jerrold in Horsham, PA. “It was in my hometown, so I didn’t have to go very far to find it. We were working on 400 megahertz plant upgrades and launching ‘cable video store’ (the original Pay-Per-view or OnDemand) at the time. There was so much potential, and this amazing technology was just a mile away from my house… I thought: ‘other people need to know about this!’”

25 years and a series of acquisitions later, Zenita is now a senior member of the regional marketing team at ARRIS and involved with numerous organizations that bring new talent into the field. “You can say I thrived in the transitions… I worked through the birth of pay-per-view, 24 hour news, the video phone, and the transition from analog to digital TV, then HD, and now Ultra HD. We’ve gone from six channels on cable to over 600. Eventually, all you’ll need is one central gateway to access all your content, on any device, anywhere in the world. It’s very exciting.”

Zenita is known for her influence, both on and off the court—forging industry collaborations, giving back to local communities, and empowering the next generation to advance the field.

One of the key areas that distinguished Zenita for the Cable TV Pioneers was her contributions to cable-related awareness and community advocacy. During her time at General Instrument, Motorola, and ARRIS, she’s pioneered corporate initiatives to educate professionals and students on opportunities in cable and to give back to the local communities providing talent to their workforce.

The result has included such successes as General Instrument’s “Dream Makers” Juvenile Diabetes walk teams, Motorola’s collaboration with Cable Positive to create YAMI-U, the launch of the first Tech It Out series with Women In Cable and Telecommunications (WICT), Technical Intern opportunities for Emma Bowen Foundation students, the Cable Mavericks Masters Forum with The Cable Center, and diversity initiatives with the National Association of Multiethnicity in Cable (NAMIC), providing members with an interactive digital platform ‘pre’ Facebook and the industry with educational technical webinars. Zenita is currently leading WICT’s Greater Philadelphia “Tech It Out” event this year with Yvette Thornton from Comcast.

“I’m honored to be part of the Cable TV Pioneers. When I started in the industry, I was so inspired by what we were doing that I wanted to be able to share it with other people. Now I’m in a position to do that. I want minorities, women, and non-technical people planning their careers to know that there’s an opportunity in cable. It’s a good thing to do, and it’s the right thing to do.

With the transformation in user experience, content, and video—cable has become a much more creative discipline. There needs to be more awareness of how it’s evolving and where it can go… 

We’re bringing tomorrow’s talent and ideas into cable, and we’re really having fun.”

Congratulations Zenita! And thanks for inspiring the human element in our journey of constant innovation.

Merchandiser Wins TV Connect Award for Best IPTV & OTT Service Delivery Platform

Last night, at the TV Connect Awards in London, our Merchandiser platform won “Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV and OTT.”

A well-deserved victory. Merchandiser is the content marketing component of our E2E multiscreen solution, and it’s enables  global service providers to go beyond simply enabling TV Connectmultiscreen to actually monetizing it through content personalization, catalog marketing, and recommendations.

To provide some context for the win, the TV Connect Industry Awards is seen to be one of the largest events in the Connected Entertainment industry calendar. The evening consists of a world-class panel of representatives from major service providers and senior executives coming together to pick winners and “Celebrate Innovation, excellence and achievement” in the global IP, TV and connected entertainment markets.

For ARRIS, it was an honor to be recognized for our ongoing legacy of innovation. Now we are back in the office… busy inventing the future.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Top Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of October 21, 2013

This week, we made a huge splash at SCTE, introducing a variety of integrated solutions across the cloud, network, and home.

ARRIS CEO Bob Stanzione kicked off the week talking with BBC News about the growth of the company and the importance of cultivating talent. Light Reading featured ARRIS SVP Kevin Keefe’s prediction of 2014 being the banner year for the shift from traditional set-tops to smarter gateways and simpler clients—referring to the former as “the device formerly known as the set-top.” Kevin compared the set-top’s evolution to the migration from cellphones to smartphones, and foreshadowed the upcoming RDK-enabled set-top launch. CED Magazine covered our new network deals with WOW!, GCI, and Netia, highlighting opportunities to deliver new multiscreen experiences in the future. Additionally, Charles Cheevers, CTO, CPE Solutions at ARRIS, conducted a video interview with Videonet.TV discussing cloud and its role in multiscreen TV, and how smart gateways will be able to decide, dynamically, whether to request content from the cloud or the local transcode resources.

Frost & Sullivan validated what we said our 2013 Media Engagement Barometer study in that consumer appetite for more video and multiscreen experiences continue to change the TV landscape as reported by Rapid TV News. Frost & Sullivan is also predicting that the global IP video network management market will double over the next five years.

What were your favorite moments from SCTE? Let us know in the comments.

1.     Robert Stanzione: The tech boss who says it is all about the staff (Oct. 21) By Will Smale, BBC News: Mr. Stanzione is chief executive of fast-growing US technology group Arris. The company makes set-top boxes, and other pieces of hardware and software for digital television and broadband services.

2.     Arris tallies orders with GCI, WOW, Netia (Oct. 22) By Staff, CED Magazine: Arris announced a set of new business deals, including orders for its edge routers from both GCI and WOW, and a purchase of a range of headend equipment from Netia in Poland.

3.     Arris RDK Boxes Coming Soon (Oct. 24) Mari Silbey, Light Reading: With the set-tops now rolling off the assembly lines, Arris plans to ship its first RDK-enabled cable boxes before the end of the year.

4.     TV everywhere grows ‘exponentially’ (Oct. 24) By Joseph O’Halloran, Rapid TV News: Video consumption across non-traditional devices such as tablets, smartphones, PCs and connected TVs has evolved exponentially into a global phenomenon says new analysis from Frost & Sullivan.

5.     Balancing the cloud and home cloud for multiscreen Pay TV (Oct. 24), Videonet.TV: ARRIS Charles Cheevers, CTO, CPE Solutions, explains in a video interview when it makes sense to deliver premium content directly from the cloud to multiscreen devices around the home and when operators need to use a ‘home cloud’ solution, taking broadcast feeds and transcoding them locally.

2012 CES Predictions: Evolution of the TV Experience

TV is evolving. It’s becoming more mobile, more connected and more readily available than ever before. This convergence is changing how we get our TV fix and what that consists of. Few of us are content to simply watch TV on a TV anymore.

We’re tweeting, commenting, seeking and making recommendations, discovering new content, and more. Our behavior is creating a whole new ball game in content delivery and entertainment, and Motorola is at the forefront of the technology that’s making it possible. For example, new products like Televation and DreamGallery are giving us rich, multi-screen experiences that are easy to navigate and simple to use.

We recently conducted a Media Engagement Barometer—fancy words for a study on how people are using media—which provided some good insight on how and why TV is evolving:

  • The 2011 research discovered a nearly five-fold increase from 2010 in U.S. TV viewing taking place on smartphones—23 percent are currently watching mobile TV on their smartphones up from only 5 percent just a year ago. And, it’s highly addictive, with those participating in mobile TV viewing doing it 3+ times a week.
  • Americans are still watching a lot of TV – spending 21 hours per week in front of the set—2 hours more than last year – and 6 hours more than the global average of 15 hours per week.
  • More than half (61 percent) of global respondents say they have already discussed a TV program with friends via a social network, and the trend is only expected to continue.

In summary, we’re watching more TV. We’re spending a lot of that viewing time on mobile devices. And our TV time is beginning to overlap and interplay with social networking.

CES is sure to showcase new innovations that address those trends.  We’ll be there with Motorola Televation and DreamGallery, among others. These are just a couple of the latest innovations you’ll see from Motorola. What do you expect to see at CES 2012? Stay tuned for an action-packed show!