Happy International Internet Day!

Today is a big day for all of us—all of us who enjoy connecting to the world and everything we love over IIDbadge_720x720the Internet.

Fourty-five years ago today, the first electronic message was transferred from one computer to another in California, giving rise to the Internet. Now, most of us can’t imagine what we’d do without it.

ARRIS has been responsible for how people experience the Internet since the 90s, when we brought it into homes with our legendary SURFboard® cable modems. This month, we continue that legacy with the world’s fastest modem—the ARRIS SURFboard SB6183. It’s one more step towards our vision of connecting you to all your favorite things, wherever you want, however you want, faster.

Check out our Buyer’s Guide to find the right solution for your Internet needs, and surf on!

Designing Tomorrow’s Wi-Fi — with ARRIS CTO Charles Cheevers

Wi-Fi is the glue that brings connected experiences together in our homes—-from streaming video to online gaming, browsing the Web, and more. It’s the foundation for tomorrow’s entertainment too. But, how will it scale to new experiences like 4K, multiscreen HD, and fiber Internet speeds? How can we ensure that it’s reliable when so many new services depend on it to work perfectly, everywhere, all the time?

Our CPE CTO Charles Cheevers, reviews these topics and more. Check out his videos, below:

Ultimate Gaming Experience with the ARRIS SURFboard® SBG6782-AC

Hey, football fans! Get a jump on the fall season by pre-ordering EA Sports’ latest installment: MaddenNFL15_Buy_AllMadden NFL 15.

Thanks to innovation in network and broadband technology, gaming experiences like Madden have broadened the playing field to the world of online gaming. Now, instead of settling for competition with your siblings and the neighbor down the street, you can do battle with the country’s top players from the comfort of your own living room.

SBG6782-AC-heroBut that overtime Hail Mary pass on 4th and 18 doesn’t have room for buffering. So if you are still counting on that ancient modem to get you into the game, it’s time to take a look at this year’s first round draft pick: the ARRIS SURFboard® SBG6782-AC.

The SBG6782-AC packs DOCSIS 3.0, an 802.11ac WiFi router, 4-Port gigabit Ethernet router and MoCA® networking for smart devices–all in one device.

Bottom line: the SBG6782-AC will take you to the end zone and through the post season for many years to come. Pick it up at Amazon or Best Buy today!

Network Advocacy: The Technology Behind the Experience

Ray Bontempi, VP, Strategy & Business Development @ ARRIS goes into the mind-blowing technology behind even the simplest consumer entertainment experiences—-explaining how network scalability is integral to sustaining the mass consumption of cat videos on the Internet, and why better networks make better TV for all of us.