Earth Hour (March 31st) and Earth Day (April 22nd) are just around the corner. The lesson they teach us is simple: it’s more important than ever to save energy. Motorola Mobility is doing its part to reduce our global energy footprint in millions of homes around the world.

Our strategy is focused on reducing energy consumption in several important ways, including:

  • Developing products that consume less energy overall
  • Redefining a whole-home ecosystem in which all connected devices work smarter together
  • Innovating new technologies that enable easy whole-home monitoring, control and energy management

For starters, we’ve reduced the energy consumption of our traditional set-top boxes by more than 50 percent since 2005 – while still adding all of the new features consumers crave. In addition, all of our latest set-tops are ENERGY STAR 3.0-qualified. As the world leader in set-tops, and with more than half of households owning three TVs or more, that represents significant energy savings. 

But energy efficiency is about more than just using less energy, so we’re also designing a smarter, more powerful home ecosystem. Why is this important?

Well, in 2020, we’ll have 24 billion reasons why – connected devices such as your smart phone, your tablet, your gaming console, your TV. And, the set-top will be the emerging hub for all of these different devices, because it is already responsible for so much of your media.

Our new IP video gateways, such as the DCX3600, are leveraging the burgeoning ecosystem of connected devices in the home to distribute video to all of these screens – without requiring a separate set-top box for each. That means…you guessed it…even greater energy efficiency throughout the home. For example, our video gateway solutions let you share video on up to 8 screens – while using 60% of the energy required to support video sharing on just 3 TVs, compared to today’s traditional set-top approach. Now that’s conservation through innovation!

The connected home has other implications for energy savings. Our 4Home software platform is enabling service providers to roll out new, innovative applications like energy management. Consumers can now monitor and control the energy usage of the devices in their homes, from lighting to heating and cooling, appliances and more. 

With this new wave of products, we’re providing the technology that not only delivers amazing experiences within your home, but also saves you more money, saves energy around the home, and reduces our global energy footprint.

Another example of Motorola driving conservation through innovation. 


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