Labor Day + Buffer-free Binge Watching = Ultimate Staycation

Labor Day is right around the corner.

If you’re like us, that means extra time to kick back and relax… and binge-watch all the Netflix series you SBG6782-AC-heromissed over the summer.

We think every “staycation” deserves to be smooth and buffer-free. So along with popcorn, drinks, and BBQ, make sure to start your long weekend off right with our SURFboard® Internet solutions.

Our entire SURFboard line is dedicated to delivering fast and reliable Internet to your home, without the hassle of a lengthy or complicated installation. Tom Boshell, our Director of Global Retail Sales, recently covered the ARRIS Wi-Fi cable modem product collection in this video.

This weekend, we’re taking the labor out of Labor Day with our SURFboard collection. Find them at major retailers nationwide.

Happy Relaxing!


In the latest installment of the ARRIS Video Series, our Director of Global Retail Sales, Tom Boshell, takes a detailed look at the ARRIS SURFboard® cable modem and gateway portfolio.

These five videos offer an overview of the primary products in our line-up as well as detailed demonstrations, set-up procedures, and more.

  • Gateways: This video reviews the standard features and set-up of our SURFboard Wi-Fi cable modems—some of the fastest and most reliable solutions for connecting to the Internet.
  • Cable Modems: Tom covers the wired cable modem components of our SURFboard line-up, which are all about boosting your home network bandwidth and speed.
  • Speed Test: This video features a real-time demonstration of the operating capabilities featured in our cable modems.
  • Advanced Settings: Tom dives into the advanced settings that allow SURFboard users to enjoy a truly personalized experience—including custom network names and passwords, guest network management, parental controls, firewalls, and more.
  • MoCA Technology: Tom offers a rundown of MoCA technology—a game-changer in delivering the ultimate connected experience.

Check out all of these videos using the links above or find them all here.

ARRIS Wireless Video Receivers Power Bell Canada’s Fibe TV

We’re working to constantly improve your entertainment experiences — whether that’s watching a big sports game or just kicking back with family and friends.

Recently, Bell Canada, posted this video showing exactly what entertainment powered by ARRIS vap2500-174x300looks like. As we noted a few months back, Bell’s Fibe TV is changing what it means to enjoy your content anywhere — even if that means moving your buzzer-beating game of hockey outside to the Canadian cold.

Whatever game, show, movie, or event you’re watching, ARRIS solutions are redefining the experience from content to consumption…on the couch, and everywhere in between.

Where’s your favorite place to watch TV? Let us know in the comments below.

Targeting International Growth with New ARRIS Channel Program

With a continued focus on growing market share globally, today we launched our new International Channel Program.  Under this new framework, Channel Members in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East & Africa and the Caribbean and Latin America will promote, support and sell a wide range of products from our portfolio that spans the home ecosystem – across the cloud, network, and home.  Also, we’re going to introduce a broader ecosystem to our channel aimed at fostering a network of highly qualified and trained channel members that can offer support, service, integration equal to ARRIS.

“Our Channel Members are a strategic element of the ARRIS growth strategy, enabling us to reach more markets and more customers to secure further market share for our video solutions,” said Ron Coppock, President, Sales & Marketing, ARRIS.

ARRIS Channel Program registration is available here.

What’s Transforming Entertainment in 2014?

In 2014, we expect to see four key trends driving the future of home entertainment:

1.) The Uber Gateway: All the media processing and distribution technology that previously required a dedicated set top for each screen now goes into one powerful device. The gateway has evolved into the hub of the new connected home ecosystem, offering unmatched versatility compared to one-trick OTT boxes.

You’ll see more of these shipping next year as service providers respond to consumers’ demand for more connected entertainment experiences across all their devices. Down the road, these gateways will become platforms for providing app-based TV experiences, leveraging sensor technologies and connected systems to enable telemedicine, remote education, and more.

2.) HEVC: Before you sit down to watch the FIFA World Cup Final in 4K next year, HEVC will have transformed the way that service providers deliver entertainment to consumers.  HEVC is much more than just a way to deliver Ultra HDTV—it’s is a powerful compression technology with twice the efficiency of H.264 and huge implications for service providers, not the least of which include enabling telcos to extend their reach over DSL, distributing wireless HD video throughout the home, expanding the footprint of TV anywhere, and more…

3.) The Wireless Home: New technologies are changing the connected landscape in the home, giving consumers unprecedented flexibility and choice in deciding where to enjoy their favorite content. MoCA 2.0 uses existing cable wiring to enable immersive TV experiences in the furthest reaches of the home. Meanwhile 802.11AC is changing the game for Wi-Fi, offering blazingly fast streaming of up to 1.3Gbps for the latest entertainment on mobile devices. These technologies are laying the groundwork for the new multiscreen, high-bandwidth, and personalized experiences coming online all over the home next year and beyond.

4.) New Form Factors: As the uber gateway and new IP set-tops take hold in the home and centralize key media management and processing activities—they will empower service providers to host a variety of devices on the network, in varying shapes and sizes. By opening up the traditional set-top architecture to this new connected ecosystem, service providers are not only changing the face of entertainment—through service integration at the device level–but the very mold of the devices themselves.

Check out a video below of Kevin Keefe, SVP & GM, Digital Video @ ARRIS speaking about these future video trends. Do you see any other trends driving the future of home entertainment? Tell us in the comments below.

Top Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of October 28, 2013

Post-SCTE news continued to drive tech media coverage on content delivery & distribution, CCAP and cloud services. CableFAX’s Michael Grebb highlighted the industry’s next step forward with the upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1 and the growing focus on developing more intuitive software to improve set-top box navigation.

Multichannel News shared more insight from our own CEO Bob Stanzione, who predicted a new class of cloud-connected boxes and gateways will help “spur growth in the industry,” while NASDAQ highlighted our third-quarter earnings, showing strong growth in both revenue and net income.

Our Fourth Annual Media Engagement Barometer showed the second screen experience is becoming even more important, which was reinforced by a new study seen in Mashable that children today are using tablets or smartphones to watch videos before they can even speak in full sentences. The study found that by age eight, 72% of children have used a smartphone, tablet or similar device, which will certainly continue as they mature and seek out even more content. Separately, Rapid TV News shared a survey conducted by IHS, which projected that encoder and decoder channel shipments will grow by 25% between 2013 and 2017, demonstrating another effect of online video consumption.

Tell us what’s happening in your home. How are you (or your kids) using second screens while watching TV? We want to know!

  1. 5 Takeaways from SCTE (Oct. 25) By Michael Grebb, CableFAX: The SCTE Cable-Tec Expo just wrapped in Atlanta. And while most of the show involves language that most of us couldn’t even begin to comprehend, we were able to decipher a few key takeaways that may help you understand why nearly 10,000 techies, operators and vendors chose to make the trip, a 6% increase over last year.
  2. Arris CEO Stanzione Sees Video Poised for a Comeback in Cable (Oct. 28) By Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News: A mix of fierce competition and a haggard housing market has conspired to keep cable video in the doldrums, but the industry’s shift to IP video and cloud-based services will help cable operators reestablish video subscriber growth, at least according to Arris Group chairman and CEO Bob Stanzione.
  3. Arris Beats on Q3 Earnings (Oct. 31), NASDAQ: Yesterday, after the closing bell, Arris Enterprises Inc. declared strong financial results for the third quarter of 2013, significantly beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate. As a result, in the aftermarket trade on Nasdaq, the stock price of Arris was up by 51 cents (3.09%) to $17.
  4. 38% of Children Under 2 Use Mobile Media, Study Says (Oct. 28) By Meg Wagner, Mashable: Nearly two in five children have used a tablet or smartphone before they could speak in full sentences, according to a new report. Conducted by family advocacy organization Common Sense Media, the study found that 38% of children under the age of 2 have used a mobile device for playing games, watching videos or other media-related purposes. In 2011, only 10% had.
  5. IHS: 25% growth for professional encoders, transcoders to 2017 (Oct. 29) By Staff, Rapid TV News: The market for professional encoders and transcoders is seeing a huge benefit from current soaring online video consumption, assisted greatly by content bingeing, says new research from IHS Electronics & Media.
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