ARRIS Celebrates Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. It’s a reminder of our impact on the environment every other day of the earthday-304year.

At ARRIS, we’re committed to minimizing our global carbon footprint and energy use through environmentally responsible business operations. We call it “eco-innovation.” And it’s the way that we approach building better products everyday. But we’re also working to ensure that millions of people around the world who use ARRIS products in their homes are also minimizing their impact on the environment.

The set-top devices that they use to enjoy their content, their way, is the focus of our efforts this Earth Day. ARRIS is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient set-tops. Most of our set tops meet industry standards for energy efficiency and have power-saving features. And we work closely with the world’s leading service providers to constantly improve the equipment standards for energy efficiency.

Today, we are showcasing our latest set-top devices for Verizon FiOS at their Dallas, TX facility. These new devices include theVMS1100 Media Server and IPC1100-P2 IP Client set-tops, which improve whole home energy efficiency by 20% over current multi-room DVR configurations.

Through efforts like these, we’re reducing our collective impact through better, more energy-efficient devices. And while we still have a long way to go, we’re committed to eco-innovation that does its part every time someone tunes in to watch TV.

How are you impacting the environment? We’d like to hear in the comments below

Webinar: Considerations for 85 MHz Return Path Bandwidth Expansion

ARRIS is constantly Inventing the Future to keep our partners ahead of the curve. Our webinar WATCHTHEARRISWEBCASTseries is designed to offer insight into new trends and technologies that contextualize this innovation while providing a deeper dive into real-world implementation.

In tomorrow’s webinar on “Demystifying the 85MHz Return Path Bandwidth Expansion,” our engineering and product executives—Carol Ansley, Craig Hugueley, and Jim McGuire—will join Corey McCarthy, CFO and SVP of Business Development of the NCTC, for an overview of the 85MHz return path as a solution for addressing today’s unprecedented increases in network traffic.

They’ll review the considerations for adding an 85MHz return bandwidth expansion and talk through execution in a typical network.

Please REGISTER NOW for tomorrow’s webinar at 2pm EST and come with your questions.

Top 5 Tech Articles You Might’ve Missed – Week of April 13, 2015

This week, a number of outlets, including Multichannel News, covered the announcement that ARRIS and Charter Communications have acquired cloud-based interfaces and apps provider ActiveVideo through a new joint venture. As part of the deal, ARRIS will serve as the sales channel for ActiveVideo’s CloudTV platform.

Separately, Broadband Technology Report highlighted ARRIS’s and Conax’s demonstration of the joint capabilities of ARRIS’s DASH repackaging and Conax’s multi-DRM encryption during the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

In other news from the show, Mikael Rickans of PCWorld noted that many of the devices on display at NAB are 4K compatible, an indicator that consumer interest in watching movies, TV shows and sports in 4K continues to grow.

In other industry news, Rapid TV News reported new research from Visiongain, which found that media delivery services revenue for over-the-top (OTT) services reached $51.38 billion in 2014.

Finally, The Telegraph published a story on the trend for UK broadband users to stay with their service providers, due predominantly to the fact that they are discouraged by the fees associated with switching.

Check back next week for the latest industry news.

  1. Arris-Charter J.V. Nabs ActiveVideo for $135 Million (April 14) By Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News: Arris and Charter Communications said they have acquired ActiveVideo, a provider of cloud-based interfaces and apps, for $135 million via a new joint venture.
  2. ARRIS, Conax to Demo DASH, Multi-DRM (April 11) By Staff Writer, Broadband Technology Report: ARRIS and Conax will be demonstrating the joint capabilities of ARRIS’s DASH repackaging and Conax’s multi-DRM encryption at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.
  3. NAB conference makes way for more 4K content (April 15) By Mikael Ricknas, PCWorld: This year the number of 4K TVs sold around the world will almost triple. Those sales, along with more mature equipment for producing and distributing content, are fueling overall interest in the technology.
  4. OTT media delivery tops $51.38 billion (April 15) By Michelle Clancy, Rapid TV News: Media delivery services revenue for over-the-top (OTT) services reached $51.38 billion in 2014, research from Visiongain has revealed.
  5. Half of UK broadband customers have never switched provider (April 13) By Sophie Curtis, The Telegraph: Half of UK broadband users have never switched provider, with many being discouraged from shopping around for better deals by so-called “switching costs”.

ARRIS and Charter Announce Joint Venture to Acquire ActiveVideo

ARRIS and Charter – with a shared vision – joined forces today to acquire ActiveVideo.

ActiveVideo developed CloudTV™, the only cloud-based software platform that enables service providers, content aggregators, and consumer electronic (CE) manufacturers to rapidly deploy new services – such as next-gen UIs, online content and interactive advertising – by virtualizing CPE functions in the cloud.

A new JV company was created to own ActiveVideo and operates independently of ARRIS and Charter. ARRIS will be the sales channel for ActiveVideo’s CloudTV platform. ARRIS’s service provider relationships, global scale and installed base of CPE will support the accelerated adoption of CloudTV – giving CloudTV the clout to reach a worldwide customer base.

ARRIS will be the majority owner of ActiveVideo, with a 65% stake in the JV. Charter will participate as a minority owner. Jeff Miller will continue to lead ActiveVideo as CEO. The transaction – which is subject to customary closing conditions – is expected to close within the next 30 days.

Charter and ARRIS came together due to our shared vision for enabling an all-IP network and the software-defined TV experience that will allow our industry to quickly move in response to subscriber trends. For Charter, this represents its commitment to the success of the CloudTV platform and its confidence in CloudTV’s value proposition for customers and consumers around the world. For ARRIS this represents a compelling opportunity to partner with a strategic customer and expansion of our cloud portfolio with CloudTV, a disruptive cloud technology already adopted by Tier 1 customers. Together, we see the opportunity as an ideal way to accelerate the adoption of CloudTV’s innovative platform that enables the delivery of powerful consumer and subscriber experiences….quickly and with lower CapEx.

This is another example of ARRIS’s ongoing legacy of collaboration with customers to Invent the Future.

Stay tuned here for more updates in the coming weeks.

John Ulm Talks ABR at NAB Show

How do you cut the costs of delivering IPTV services in half?

The answer starts with Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) protocols. And our Engineering Fellow of Broadband Systems, John Ulm, will discuss that and ABR’s other implications for IP video delivery in his presentation on Cloud-based ABR – Unified Managed Linear Service for Multiscreen at NAB.

In it, John will reveal how Multicast-assisted ABR (M-ABR) completely changes the economics of delivering IP video services—significantly reducing capacity requirements resulting in lower costs, reduced CDN requirements and enhanced Targeted Advertising delivery.

He’ll also talk about its distinct service quality advantages for precious linear broadcast content across a wide range of devices in the multiscreen environment. Be sure to stop by Room S227 at 9 a.m. PT on April 16th.

ARRIS @ NAB 2015

Thousands of attendees are making their way to the 2015 NAB Show to discuss the future of content delivery. Our focus at this year’s event is an increasingly important part of that conversation: 4K delivery and network evolution.

As service providers prepare to deliver new content services like UHD/4K, ARRIS is keeping its partners ahead of the game with new solutions aimed at scaling today’s networks to support tomorrow’s services. At NAB, we’re demonstrating two new HEVC next generation compression products that are a vital part of the evolving content chain: the SE-7100 HEVC Encoder and DSR-7400 HEVC Transcoder IRD. These solutions leverage HEVC technology to achieve new levels of efficiency in delivering 4K and HD content, while maintaining compatibility with legacy deployed STBs.

The DSR-7400 and SE-7100 are part of our end-to-end content delivery portfolio that’s on display, in addition to our ME-7000 converged compression platform, the latest audio codecs, and our industry-leading SecureMedia™ content security platform.

ARRIS and Conax will also be demonstrating the joint capabilities of ARRIS’s DASH repackaging and Conax’s multi-DRM encryption at  booth SU8517.

Check out a few photos below from the show below.


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