Three Things You Don’t Have to Worry About This Holiday Season

We can’t take all of your holiday stress away, but we can take at least three things off of your SB6183-santawinter worry list: buffering, incompatibility, and incremental rental fees with the ARRIS SURFboard® SB6183.

Unwrapping a new modem only to find out it won’t work with your cable provider is pretty disappointing. Fortunately, there are no unwanted surprises with the SB6183. It works with all major U.S. cable providers, including Comcast, COX, and Time Warner.

And the SB6183 ensures that buffering and lag are ghosts of holidays past. The SB6183 is the world’s fastest modem in retail, with speeds up to 686 Mbps downstream and 131 Mbps upstream. This means that nothing is standing between you and all the bandwidth that you pay for… so get that cool new streaming service or that new immersive multiplayer game. You’re covered.

And we haven’t forgotten that this is a time for managing budgets and keeping resolutions. When you invest in a new SURFboard SB6183, not only are you buying a ticket to screaming fast Internet for years to come, but you’ll save money in the New Year.

Treat yourself to something nice. Check out the new ARRIS SURFboard SB6183. Happy holidays!

Top 5 Tech Articles You Might’ve Missed – Week of December 8, 2014

This week, Tom Cloonan, ARRIS’s Chief Technology Officer, Network Solutions, was featured as one of Multichannel NewsTechnology Executives of 2014 for his pioneering role in modern broadband technology and his ongoing contributions to the advancement of DOCSIS 3.1 and CCAP.

Separately, a number of outlets, including CED, covered this week’s news that Net2TV Corp.’s free, ad-supported streaming service, Portico TV will be offered on ARRIS set-tops with the recently launched ARRIS Market.

Also, FierceCable editor Daniel Frankel highlighted the growing awareness and adoption of 4K/Ultra HD technology, a topic he’ll discuss alongside ARRIS Engineering Fellow Sean McCarthy and other industry executives at the FierceCable executive breakfast during CES in January.

In other industry news, Engadget reported that, according to research from Ofcom, broadband usage is increasing in the UK, but the needed connection speeds to support the growing consumption are still unavailable to 15 percent of UK homes.

Finally, Advanced Television covered the results of Strategy Analytics’ Connected Home Devices service report, which found that U.S. ownership of Connected TV devices (smart TVs, digital media streamers, etc.) grew 28 percent year-over-year to reach 168 million units.

Check back next week for the latest industry news.

1.     Jack of All [Broadband] Trades (Dec. 8) By Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News: As the chief technology officer, network solutions, at ARRIS, Tom Cloonan plays an integral role in building the fabric of cable’s broadband future, whether it’s one that will be woven with next-generation hybrid fiber coaxial technologies like DOCSIS 3.1, new wireless broadband platforms, or, in some targeted situations, all-fiber infrastructures.

2.       ARRIS stocks OTT Market with Portico TV (Dec.11) By Mike Robuck, CED: Starting early next year, ARRIS will add N2TV’s streaming TV service, which is called Portico TV, to its over-the-top streaming platform for cable operators.

3.       Ready or not, 4K is coming … and you need a roadmap (Dec. 11) By Daniel Frankel, FierceCable: As anyone involved in the launch of HD a decade ago can tell you, getting a new resolution standard into the consumer mainstream isn’t easy.

4.       Brits double their broadband data usage, but speeds are still an issue (Dec. 8) By Nick Summers, Engadget: Broadband usage is soaring in the UK, but the companies piping it into our homes are still playing catch-up. That’s according to Ofcom, which looked into the state of connections across Britain.

5.       Connected TV device ownership up 28% in US (Dec. 11) By Staff Writer, Advanced Television: Ownership of Connected TV devices (including smart TVs, smart Blu-ray players, IP-enabled game consoles and digital media streamers) in the US grew 5 per cent quarter-on-quarter in Q3 2014 and 28 per cent year-on-year to reach 168 million units.

ARRIS TG862G: Advancing Voice and Data Connections

The modern household revolves around connection—whether it’s to the Web, on-demand TG862Gmovies, or friends and family around the world.

That’s why ARRIS continues to advance the technology that keeps you connected, like our brand new Touchstone Telephony Gateway TG862G.

The TG862G is approved with Comcast XFINITY® internet and voice service. It supports broadband, wireless routing, and two lines of carrier-grade telephony in a single device—using DOCSIS® 3.0, a 4-port Gigabit Router, two analog voice connections, and an 802.11n radio.

All this comes with built-in energy efficiency, low cost savings for consumers and is a  great addition to your home.

Find out more about our TG862G here and get it at Best Buy or Amazon now.

Tom Cloonan Named Multichannel News Technology Executive of the Year

Multichannel News selected Tom Cloonan, our CTO of Cloud & Network Solutions, as one of its three technology executives of the Year. Tom is the first CTO from a technology company to receive this distinction, as this year’s field is the inaugural for considering candidates beyond the service provider and programmer communities.

tom cloonan

Tom Cloonan, ARRIS CTO of Cloud & Network Solutions

Tom was recognized for his pioneering role in modern broadband technology and his ongoing contributions to the advancement of DOCSIS 3.1 and CCAP. Tom leads the architectural and product planning for ARRIS’s network product division, which was responsible for the ARRIS E6000 CER––the most successful CCAP platform on the market. He continues to be one of the most preeminent voices in the design and development of highly-scalable next-generation networks for the world’s leading service providers.

In an era, when lightning broadband speeds and the migration to all-IP technologies are going to drive tomorrow’s entertainment and communications experiences, Tom continues to play a vital role in helping the industry stay ahead of these technology trends.

Congratulations Tom, for your pioneering work here at ARRIS and throughout the industry!

Top 5 Tech Articles You Might’ve Missed – Week of November 24, 2014

This week, Multichannel News covered the results of a new Infonetics Research report that found that ARRIS remained the revenue leader in the global cable access market in Q3 2014.

On Sunday, 23rd November, ARRIS’s VP of Marketing Duncan Potter appeared on NBC’s Atlanta TechEdge where he discussed ARRIS’s portfolio and collaborations with key partners, such as NASCAR and Joe Gibbs Racing to demonstrate how we continue to transform the industry and consumers’ everyday experiences.

In other industry news, Alan Breznick of Light Reading reported that, despite the growing number of gigabit rollouts by rival providers, the US cable industry has continued to make impressive gains in the broadband market. Separately, Digital TV Europe highlighted new research that indicated that the premium over-the-top (OTT) market in Europe is set to grow by 80 percent over the next three years.

Finally, several outlets, including CNET, covered a report from DisplaySearch showing that global 4K television shipments increased by more than 500 percent in the last quarter, with more than 3 million 4K TVs shipped to retail outlets during Q3 2014.

Check back next week for the latest industry news.

  1. Arris Stays On Top Of Cable Access Heap (Nov. 25) By Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News: Arris remained the top dog from a revenue perspective in a global cable access market that raked in $445 million in Q3 2014, up 8% versus the previous quarter, according to a new report from Infonetics Research.
  2. ARRIS interview with NBC’s Atlanta Tech Edge (Nov. 23) By Angel Maldonado, Atlanta TechEdge: After a multi-billion dollar deal with Motorola, ARRIS is ready to make their brand a household name…and they’re partnering with NASCAR to get it done.
  3. Broadband Reigns Supreme for Cable (Nov. 25) By Alan Breznick, Light Reading: Despite the growing number of gigabit rollouts by rival providers, the US cable industry continues to roll up impressive gains in the broadband market.
  4. Premium OTT market tipped to grow by 80% (Nov. 25) By Staff Writer, Digital TV Europe: The premium over-the-top video market is on-track to grow at a trajectory of 80% over the next three years, according to research commissioned by subscription billing firm Vindicia and video streaming platform provider Ooyala.
  5. 4K TV shipments soar to 6.4M in 2014 (Nov. 25) By Carrie Mihalcik, CNET: Shipments of 4K televisions jumped more than 500 percent last quarter as overall global TV shipments rebounded, according to a new report from DisplaySearch.

ARRIS Is Ready for Holiday Shopping Season with Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is quickly becoming the go-to shopping day of the year. And 2014 is not going to cyber monday 2012 headerbe any different. With US consumers expected to do a record 44 percent of their holiday shopping online this year (according to the National Retail Federation [NRF]), we can expect that this Cyber Monday will draw a significant number of shoppers to online retailers.

If you plan to join the throngs of online deal-seekers today, make sure you’re getting the most bandwidth out of your Internet service with any of ARRIS’s industry-leading products, like the SURFboard® SB6183 cable modem. Check out Best Buy for the best deal.

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