Next-generation TV Starts with DreamGallery™ from Motorola Mobility

Do you like searching for what to watch on TV? Neither do we.

Our solution? DreamGallery by Motorola Medios. For consumers that translates to: less time searching, more time watching. For service providers it means: happier consumers and shorter development cycles.

At Motorola, we stand for a new age of TV that makes finding and discovering content dead simple and screaming fast: TV that’s more interactive and personalized—without getting in the way of… watching TV.

Okay, you’re sold. So now what? Ask your local service provider for DreamGallery.

Because we also stand for simpler and faster ways for providers to offer these next-generation TV experiences to consumers.

DreamGallery is video navigation software that lets providers create personalized, branded TV experiences (soon on multiple devices) in HTML5 and the cloud—so updates to the user interface happen in real-time. No more waiting six months. 

But what makes the solution unique is our Portal Server and Software Development Kit (SDK). Together, these let providers design new TV experiences from templates or from scratch, for as much customization and expediency as necessary.

So this Cable Show, give the gift of more watching and less searching, and spend the time you save visiting us at Booth #733.  And watch this cool video. And read this release.  And check out our product page.