The Three Biggest Trends Behind Tomorrow’s TV

TVThe Future of TV was one of the hottest topics of discussion at CES last week. But while newer, bigger, thinner displays; virtual reality goggles; and LED and HDR innovations may have gotten most of the headlines, the underlying technology that enables those innovations was the focus of meetings in and around the show with the world’s leading service providers.

In fact, it really boils down to three incredibly important developments that are quietly transforming TV and the way that service providers will deliver it:

Multi-gigabit Services: This is the biggest development powering the future of TV.

Service providers are upgrading to multi-gigabit pipelines, because today’s TV services sip bandwidth compared to the waterfall of bandwidth that tomorrow’s applications—from 360-degree entertainment, to holographic video and virtual reality—are destined to use.

4K Video over Wi-Fi: 4K is here, but it needs faster Wi-Fi to be everywhere.

The 100 Mbps it takes to stream 4K content to a single device is sorely lacking from most Wi-Fi networks. Given our current appetite for HD content, the inevitability of ubiquitous 4K makes the case for upgrading the content delivery pipeline not only to the home, but throughout it. The answer: gigabit Wi-Fi access points and extenders in the home.

Over the Top (OTT) Set-tops: All of the world’s content is coming to a single screen.

We watch traditional TV, and we watch OTT TV. For most of us, they’re two separate experiences, but soon we’ll be able to enjoy both over a single user experience on our TV, because OTT capabilities are coming to set-tops. Service providers are preparing to deploy these new devices so that we easily can watch anything we want, on the best screen available.

As the hottest technology starts making its way into our local stores and shopping lists, these three trends will be making it all work in millions of homes around the world.

New Report with Videonet: Big Data Powers Compelling TV

Datvideoneta is everywhere. And for TV, the winners will be those who gather it in the best ways and make it work for them. Yet, many service providers are only scratching the surface of what’s possible. An exciting future lies ahead for those who can generate, capture, analyze and act on big data insights.

We’ve worked with Videonet to produce a new report that looks at how big data will provide opportunities for TV. There’s every reason to be optimistic about what this will do for the industry. Long live data-driven content delivery.

Download your copy of the report here today, and check out the introduction from Andy Aftelak, Vice President and Director in Advanced Technology, ARRIS.

Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week Ending January 8, 2016

Digital TV Europe reported that ARRIS’s recent acquisition of Pace will provide key growth opportunities in network technology, telco TV and OTT, among others. The deal will allow ARRIS to expand to other regions outside of North America including Asia, Latin America and Europe.

At this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Netflix announced that the streaming service will now be available in 130 more countries, reported Los Angeles Times. Netflix’s global footprint now spans 190 countries including Russia, India, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

In other CES news, Multichannel News reported that Shaw Communications launched FreeRange TV, a cloud-based mobile offering that uses Comcast’s X1 platform. The new mobile video app allows customers to access live TV channels, on-demand content and download videos.

The Wi-Fi® Alliance announced that more than 12 billion Wi-Fi devices have been shipped worldwide and more than 6.8 billion devices have been installed, reported Telecompetitor. By 2019, the Alliance estimates that more than 10 billion devices capable of connecting to a home router will be installed in households worldwide.

Finally, according to Parks Associates’ new study, 54 percent of broadband households in Western Europe are willing to consider buying a 4K UHD TV with the expectation that more content will be available soon, reported Digital TV Europe. Parks Associates research analyst Glenn Hower believes that increased demand for 4K TVs can compel broadcasters like BBC and France Televisions to invest in “new 4K media technologies.”

  1. Stanzione: networks, OTT and WiFi among key growth areas for Arris (January 6, 2016) By Stuart Thomson, Digital TV Europe: The networks business, telco TV and OTT are among the key growth opportunities that Arris expects to be better placed to take advantage of as a result of its acquisition of Pace, according to chairman and CEO Bob Stanzione.
  2. Netflix announces huge global expansion, adding 130 more countries to its service (January 7, 2016) By Yvonne Villarreal, Los Angeles Times: Streaming services giant Netflix took a big step Wednesday to expand its global footprint, sending the company’s share price soaring.
  3. CES 2016: Shaw Puts Comcast’s X1 to Work (January 6, 2016) By Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News: Canadian Operator Launches ‘FreeRange TV’ App
  4. Wi-Fi Shipments on Track to Surpass 15 Billion by Year End (January 6, 2016) By Andrew Burger, Telecompetitor: Marking a wireless network industry milestone, the Wi-Fi Alliance on January 5, announced that more than 12 billion Wi-Fi products have been shipped worldwide to date.
  5. More than half of new TV buyers plan to go 4K in Europe (January 6, 2016) By Staff, Digital TV Europe: Some 54% of Western European shoppers who plan to buy a new flatscreen TV in the next year are willing to buy a 4K set, expecting more of this content to be available soon, according to new research.

Our New Leadership Team

We recently completed our acquisition of Pace —positioning ARRIS as a global leader in our industry with an unmatched body of talent.

Today, we’d like to welcome the Pace leadership team to our ranks, where we’ll leverage their expertise to bring our vision of the future to new markets.

At the executive level, Bob Stanzione will continue on as Chairman and CEO of ARRIS, along with Dave Potts as EVP and CFO. Larry Margolis will lead integration of the combined organization as EVP of Corporate Strategy & Administration. Larry Robinson and Bruce McClelland will continue to serve as President of their respective business units, which will maintain their current structure: CPE and Network & Cloud and Global Services. Ron Coppock will lead our new, dedicated international sales organization and continue to lead marketing, as President of International Sales and Global Marketing. Tim O’Loughlin from Pace will bring his sales expertise and relationships to his new role as President, North American Sales. Jim Brennan will continue as SVP of Supply Chain and Quality, Patrick Macken as SVP, General Counsel and Secretary, and Vicki Brewster as SVP of Human Resources. Finally, Pace’s Phil Baldock will serve as ARRIS’s new SVP, CIO.

We expect many members of the Pace senior management team to take on leadership positions at ARRIS—a testament to Pace CEO Mike Pulli’s work in creating one of the industry’s leading talent organizations and one that matches ARRIS’s culture of success.

“The people of ARRIS represent the future of our company,” said Bob Stanzione. “Today, we have the industry’s leading talent under one roof. And in the coming months, we’ll begin to leverage the full potential of our combined expertise—broadening our global footprint, tapping into new markets, catalyzing innovation, and transforming entertainment and communications for millions of people around the world.”

Video Interview with ARRIS CEO Bob Stanzione: Pace Acquisition

As you’ve probably heard, ARRIS just acquired Pace.

It’s a big deal. It’s going to transform our industry and affect the way that millions of people watch TV and connect to the Internet and to each other.

We thought the news might leave you with some questions, so we went straight to Bob Stanzione, Chairman and CEO of ARRIS, for answers to the biggest ones on people’s minds.

Check out our video interview with Bob, below, and hear why we acquired Pace, what it means for ARRIS today, and how that’s changing the way our company is preparing for the future.

Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week Ending December 18, 2015

Verizon Wireless rolled out a new feature on its FiOS mobile app that allows users to access nearly all of their DVR recordings from anywhere they have an Internet connection, reported Wireless Week. The updated mobile app also allows customers to stream live TV channels on a mobile device, though that feature is currently limited to home viewing.

According to a recent study by GfK, TV Everywhere usage increased with 53 percent of pay-TV subscribers using TV Everywhere services, up from 43 percent in 2012, reported CED Magazine. The study further reveals that mobile devices were the main drivers of this growth, with monthly use of mobile apps and web sites from TV providers doubling since 2012.

Advanced Television reported that Bell, Canada’s largest television provider, and Netflix have struck a deal to allow subscribers of Bell Fibe TV and Bell Aliant FibreOP TV to access Netflix through their existing set-tops. All Fibe TV receivers are automatically updated to enable quick access without the need for users to buy new equipment.

Finally, research from Parks Associates found that 14 percent of U.S. broadband households is planning to buy a streaming media player by mid-2016, while 31 percent of households already own a streaming media player, reported Digital TV Europe. With competitive pricing and rapid expansion of new OTT services, analysts at Parks Associate say that streaming media players will be a popular gift this Christmas.

  1. This Mickey Mouse-shaped streaming device will bring Disney to China (December 16, 2015) By James Vincent, The Verge: The $125 gadget will stream films, games, cartoons, e-books, and songs.
  2. Verizon Adds DVR-Streaming to Fios Mobile App (December 14, 2015) By Diana Goovaerts, Wireless Week: Consumers with Verizon’s Fios TV and Internet service will now be able to watch their shows on the go thanks to a new feature on the Fios Mobile App.
  3. Study: Over Half of Pay-TV Households Use TV Everywhere Services (December 16, 2015) By Ben Munson, CED Magazine: TV Everywhere (TVE) services are getting some use in pay-TV households.
  4. Netflix on Bell Fibe (December 15, 2015) By Staff, Advanced Television: Canadian multimedia company Bell has confirmed that Bell Fibe TV and Bell Aliant FibreOP TV subscribers can now access their Netflix accounts directly from their existing TV receivers.
  5. Seventh of U.S. Broadband homes to buy streaming players in H1 2016 (December 15, 2015) By Barbara Kraus, Digital TV Europe: Some 14% of US broadband households plan to buy a streaming media player by the middle of 2016, according to Parks Associates.
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